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Who We Are

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Laura Baltodano, DVM

Founder & President

Laura is a mother of four beautiful children, licensed veterinarian, mindfulness teacher, certified health and wellness coach, yoga teacher and time management trainer. She has a passion for helping both people and pets. Laura has found a way to bring that passion to the mission and vision for Andrew's Anthem in honor of her son, Andrew, after which the organization was founded. She believes strongly that when equipped with resilience tools and coping skills, individuals can live happy and fulfilling lives not in spite of life challenges, but because of them.

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Heather Caldwell

Vice President

Heather is a mother to two wonderful boys, an artist, educator, and entrepreneur who has had 10 years experience teaching English in Florida public schools. As a teacher, she realized just how strongly her students needed to learn more than English, but also the emotional intelligence to navigate life's ups and downs. She believes that partnering with Andrew's Anthem will encourage more compassion, connection and growth in our community and offers creative wellness support through intuitive art workshops and creative assistant services. 

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Virginia Smith


Virginia is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She received two Master’s Degrees, one in Mental Health Counseling and the other in Marriage and Family Counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has worked with adults, children, and families, providing individual, couples, family, and group counseling services for over 15 years. She is a Prepare and Enrich Certified Counselor and a Couples Communication Instructor. She has been a clinical supervisor for NC State Masters students and is a certified CPR and first aid instructor. She is passionate about working to prevent Mental Health stigma and promote personal growth and wellbeing. 

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Corinne Wyard


Corinne is the mother of two grown sons as well as a seasoned innovative marketer executive, collaborative leader, consultant / facilitator, life-long inquisitive learner, Reiki Master and coach / mentor. She has lived and worked in the US, Japan, Australia, among other parts of the world with companies as large as 36K employees and as small as 13, her career spans across a wide variety of industries. From a young age, Corinne always was the one to lend an ear, shoulder, or a hand and firmly believes in the well-being of mind, body and spirit.

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Teri Byrne-Knell

Director & College Liaison

Teri is a member of the faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University’s College of Education. She recently moved to Southwest Florida from Western New York where she served as superintendent of a special day school that provided educational supports to students with learning and behavior needs. Her career in education spans 31 years teaching and mentoring at-risk youth. She is currently using her experience to lead future educators in the Teacher Education program at FGCU. Teri has always been motivated to work to her fullest capacity for the betterment of others. She is driven by these words, “Blessed is the person who sees the need, recognizes the responsibility, and actively becomes the answer.”  ~ William Arthur Ward

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Gabriella Baltodano

Student Advisor

Coming Soon

Our Comfort Paw Squad



Jojo is a 7 month old miniature golden doodle. She is playful and mischievous, loves to be cuddled and has a fetish for bowls. She loves to carry them around in her mouth and show them off. Jojo is currently working on her obedience training, is highly intelligent and learns things very quickly (except that the cats don't really want to play with her!).



Ava is a 4 year old toy poodle. She was acquired as a rescue following relinquishment by her 3rd owner. We can't imagine why and she is the biggest love and we are blessed to have her on our team! She is gentle and loves attention; she is pretty put out if someone doesn't acknowledge her! She loves going to the beauty salon and getting highlights. Ava will drown you in kisses and loves to be cuddled. She always appears to be smiling!



Olive is a 4 year old rat terrier mix. She was adopted from Gulf Coast Humane Society after being found in the Redlands. She is extremely sweet and very shy. She is nervous in new situations, but the moment you show her affection she won't want you to stop. Olive will keep scratching at you to make sure you haven't forgotten her and will beg for more love. She has a hidden side of her though - when you aren't looking, she will chew pens, pencils and anything else you may leave laying around. She is welcome joy to our team!

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