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Our Partners

No one is meant to do it alone and that includes us. We are stronger together! Andrew's Anthem is very grateful to have the organizations below as our partners.

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Gulf Coast Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, no-kill, animal welfare organization established as the first non-profit animal welfare organization in southwest Florida in 1947. 

Our mission is to provide humane care for surrendered animals by offering refuge, providing medical care, and facilitating an adoptive home. Each year we take in more than 2,000 animals in need of compassionate care. 


At Valerie’s House, children know others their own age, and they learn that loss doesn't have to limit their dreams. In addition to a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, Valerie’s House is a family of others grieving. Many have also gone through this journey and are here to help you and your children see that there is hope. All of our resources go directly to providing children and their families a safe place to share, grieve, and grow.

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The Founding Purpose of The Rebel Riders Charities is to assist any individual or charitable organization in our Southwest Florida Community affected by disaster, hardship, or medical adversity. But our primary focus remains with Kids, Pets, and Vets.

America C.A.R.E.S. About Bullying - This is our outreach for The Anti-Bully Program and our kids in general. The primary focus of this program is the betterment and enrichment of the kids. We strive to empower them to have more self-confidence, self-respect, and respect for each other.