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Gratitude Challenge

Many studies show the benefits of practicing gratitude, yet we oftentimes get caught up in the tasks of daily life and forget to be grateful for all the goodness in our life.


We are primed to be on the lookout for the negative things around us for the purposes of survival and, as a result, we are more challenged to see all that is going well for us. As we begin to open up our awareness to appreciate life using the practice of gratitude, we strengthen our "gratitude muscle."  This allows us to recognize that there are indeed amazing things that we can appreciate all around us, both big and small, at any given moment.

This year, we are excited to encourage our youth to begin a gratitude practice via a photo challenge on Instagram! Share a short message with the photo which describes why you are grateful for it; it can be anything! Below are some ideas that you may find helpful.

There will be weekly prizes and a grand prize during the month of November!


Use #teengratchallenge2019 to be entered in a chance to win!

teen challenge.jpg

If you don't have Instagram, do not despair! Go ahead and send us your photo by contacting us on our website or directly emailing to

RULES: Winners will be chosen by a lottery system. Only one entry per day will be accepted for the lottery; however, we welcome and encourage everyone to post as many as you'd like each day! The more gratitude you have the more joy, peace and well-being you will have, so there everyone wins

Weekly winners will be awarded and there will be a grand prize at the end which includes a scholarship to our Awakening Joy for Teens course that starts in January 2020!

Some ideas for a daily theme:

Monday: friends and family
Tuesday: food
Wednesday: nature
Thursday: music
Friday: beauty
Saturday: toys and tech
Sunday: comfort

Some inspiration for daily or weekly gratitude are below. You can use them as prompts for yourself or even as conversation starters:

  • Tell about a time you were grateful for something a friend did for you.

  • Tell about a time you were grateful for playing with someone.

  • Tell about a time that you were grateful for someone helping you when you were hurt.

  • Tell about a time that someone helped you solve a problem.

  • Tell about a time someone helped you find something that was lost.

  • Tell about a time you had something to drink when you were very very thirsty.

  • Tell about something you have learned this week.

  • Tell about family member you are grateful for.

  • Tell about a pet you are grateful for.

  • Tell about a toy you own that you love.

  • Tell about a time you got to play with a toy that belongs to someone else.

  • Tell about a time you were able to help someone else.

  • Tell about your favorite place outside.

  • What is your favorite place in your house?

  • What is your favorite way to move your body?

  • What is your favorite activity to do?

  • What is something unique about your family that you’re grateful for?

  • Talk about all the people that worked to bring food to your house.

  • Talk about the all the people who had a hand in making the clothes you wear.

  • Talk about the work that went into the home you live in.

  • Talk about the way you get around your town and all the work and energy that goes into that.

  • Talk about people who work in your community. Who are you grateful?

  • Talk about the ways a family member makes your life better.

  • Choose 3 people to say thank you to today.

  • Who is someone you have a hard time getting along with? Think of at least 3 positive things to say about that person.

  • What is one thing you are grateful for today?

  • What is one food you are grateful for?

  • What was the best part of your day?

  • What are 3 ways to say “thank you” without using the words thank you?

  • Say something positive about the person on your left.

  • Who is someone who has really helped you this week?

  • Who is someone who lives far a way that you are grateful for?

  • Who is someone you have never met that you are grateful for?

  • What is a sound you are grateful for?

  • What is a smell that you are grateful for?

  • What taste are you grateful for?

  • Which of your five senses are you most grateful for?

  • If you had to give up all your possessions what 3 things would you keep?

  • Which season are you most grateful for and why?

  • Talk about all the people who keep you safe.

  • Talk about all the ways you are healthy.

  • What is your favorite park and why?

  • Think about what it means to be safe and cozy close your eyes and feel safe and cozy.

  • Close your eyes and think about something you are grateful for pay attention to what gratitude feels like in your body.

  • What technological advancement are you most grateful for?

  • What animal in nature are you most grateful for and why?

  • Pause for a moment and think of 5 things you are grateful for in this moment.

  • What is your least favorite kind of weather? Think of 3 things about it to be grateful for.

  • Think about the things that you own; feel gratitude for what they allow you to do not just the things themselves.

  • Pretend you are writing a thank you card to your-self what are 3 things you can thank yourself for?

  • Who is someone you would like to send a thank you card to and why?

  • Make silly faces with the person next to you, feel gratitude for 

Shout out to resource: Bounceback Parenting 

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