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A Mindfulness-Based Course for Teens & Young Adults

Course Description

Many teens and young adults are challenged with increasing demands they face each day, and risk of exhaustion, depression and anxiety in youth is on the rise. Mindfulness can help.


In this course, participants will learn healthy ways to approach challenges. Participants will explore mindfulness through a variety of experiential exercises. This will help them to develop greater present-moment awareness and the ability to respond with compassion, kindness and curiosity rather than automatically react to the stressors in their lives.


Get ready to be  R e v i v e d!

The course is based on Awakening Joy as developed by James Baraz and facilitated by a certified teacher. There are 10 themes that will be explored:

  1. Planning for Happiness

  2. Present Moment Awareness

  3. Gratitude

  4. Navigating Difficult Times

  5. Learning to Be Reliable

  6. Letting Go

  7. Loving Ourselves

  8. Loving Others

  9. Compassion

  10. The Exploration of Simply Being

What you will learn:

  • Learn the science behind real happiness

  • Not a feel-good program, but a feel-everything program

  • Build healthier habits and beliefs through powerful awareness practices

  • Be a part of a community through practice partners 

  • Develop a solid mindfulness practice

  • Learn to reduce stress and increase wellbeing

What teens are saying...

"Revive helped me realize a few things about myself and gave me tools to bring myself back to the present. Not to stress about the future and that what I was feeling was ok to feel, even if there was no reason for it. Working through the course with Laura Baltodano was an eye opener and I can't wait to continue to find myself and allow myself to feel what I feel with no shame and to keep myself in the present with the people I love.”

“I would recommend this class because joining this has allowed me to see more of the good in things, and enjoy more happy moments. It also has allowed me to feel lighter and less overwhelmed! I think this class is a great step into becoming less worried about life!”

Course Details:

For ages: 13-17 years old 

Dates: Sundays - June 7 to  Aug 9, 2020

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Location: Zoom

Course Fee: $250 (max 15 participants)

A small number of supplies will be needed throughout the course. A list will be provided so that they may be acquired prior to the coordinating lessons.

Want to find out more? Sign-up for our one hour two-part webinar series at 6pm EST on the dates below:

If you are ready to sign-up, the payment options are below. If you need additional options, please contact us.

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